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This is my blog and marketing portal where you can find some useful marketing related information, signup for blog updates and learn about tips and tactics I use in my daily promotional campaigns. Plus you get access to my tested and proven advertising resources that have been bringing me the best results: signups, commissions, direct sales. You can learn more about me here.


Here are my advertising sites with a short description of their features.


A free to use advertising exchange where you can promote your websites or affiliate programs using banners, text links, html ads and solo email ads. It’s based on a credit advertising system which means you earn ad credits by viewing other members ads. You then trade those credits for various ads you can post for free. Viral Links Pro offers members instant affiliate commissions pay plan.



A free to join credit based ad site with available advertising options such as text links, banner ads, html ads and full page view ads. Members do not receive emails from other members at all. Marketers who promote the site get paid generous affiliate commissions daily.



Traffic Classic has a very generous ad bonus for new members – a free lifetime banner. Another advertising methods available are text ads, login html ads and full page ads, It is an instant commissions ad exchange with very affordable membeship upgrades.


The common most effective feature in terms of hands-free ad exposure of the sites above is that your ads get rotated not only inside the members area, but also on all affiliate pages that members promote on the web.


I am working on 2 more advertising projects which I will publish as soon as they’ve been released to the general public. If you are a good promoter you might have noticed that promoting new advertising sites is very profitable. Please signup using your best email address on the right for blog updates.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my websites. You can learn more about each one just by clicking the banners above.

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